FLEXILOG - Measuring plant for discharging accurate quantaties of liquids in mobile (or static) applications

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Advantages for mobile use

  • low investment

    only one electronic measuring system instead of 4 or 5 conventional units needed for each vehicle when working with various products on the same delivery, therefore.

  • greater utilization

    about 1000 kg saving due to the lower weight of only one system

  • minimal losses

    only about 10 % of the losses of conventional systems

  • exact flow determination

    due to automatic temperature compensation and determination of density


The flow measuring systems used on vehicles today normally consist of mechanically-driven "coloured" metal components. These are difficult to clean and have a residual content of about 20 liters which can not be recovered easily, thus are unsuitable when a number of product changes are required.

The weight of a conventional accurate measuring system is approx. 200 kg. If there are change products within one vehicle the corresponding number of these measuring units must be installed.

However, the new electronic hose filled measuring plant consisting of a modern coriolis counter and pump has a residual content of only approx. 10 % of that of conventional systems.. All parts that come in contact with the product are made from stainless steel and teflon thus meeting chemical requirements and the hygienic levels demanded by the food industry. The measuring plant may be equipped with a CIP-unit allowing fast and easy change of product, making it unnecessary to dismantle the system for cleaning.

Constructions of the plant

The measuring unit will be connected to the transport tank via a hose (e.g. DN 50/2"). The tank will be connected to the plant's suction valve via a self-closing snap-lock coupling. The product is conveyed to the customer's tank by means of a circulation piston pump via an electronic mass flowmeter with a 12 m full hose and a pneumatic nozzle.

The automatic CIP unit which may be installed as an option is delivered along with the corresponding valves and blow-out air purge equipment. This way product changes may be achieved during a delivery round where the liquids are not compatible.

Electronic control /programming

The entire data for all liquids had been entered into the PC in advance.

These are now transfered onto the mobile. Measuring of the mass of the delivered product now does not depend on the temperature and therefore a highly accurate total of delivered amount (mass) is achieved.

When the product is preselected, the density is also automatically entered into the system. Thus, ensuring that the customers delivery may be carried out accurately.

In addition, a mixing with subsequently dispensed products or CIP-liquid is avoided.

Recording the mass, density and temperature provides the option of automatic temperature compensation in the calculation of the delivered amount in liters or comparable measurements.

Each delivery detail is stored and may be retrieved via PC / modem. This offers the option for immediate further processing.



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