Visualisation of production processes

A process visualisation system that operates and monitors industrial processes is technology offered by WAL Mess- und Regelsysteme GmbH. The relevant process parameters, such as the time of ripening, temperature sensoring and sterile air supply are being controlled by a standard plc. The process visualisation system carries out the operation and monitoring process. This user friendly system can also be installed in cleaning, moisture measuring and milk pasteurizer plants.

The visualisation programme offers the user a comprehensive overview of the plant and can be operated by mouse, keyboard or touch-screen Hand and automatic control levels, setpoints and actual values can then be controlled from one work place.

The online help and menu driven programme structure will reduce the costs for the start up and employee training. The visualisation programme can be installed on a standard PC and works together with all current plc systems. Because of its parallel development to Windows, it is technologically advanced, even for future Windows generations.

Via DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), it is possible to exchange data between the visualisation programme and other programmes, such as Excel, WinWord, Access, etc. The quality assurance and production processes can be optimised by means of a recipe manager and the statistic process control (SPC). The process visualisation system is also available as add-on-kit for already existing plants. WAL offers the revision of complete process lines with engineering, control cabinet construction and installation.



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