FKMC - Fat-crystallization-measuring-computer



Operation principle:

The fat-crystallization-measuring-computer has been designed to measure and record the melting- and solidification temperatures of the different fractions in butter fat.



The computer calculates exactly the start and the end of the solidifying and melting fat fractions. The data obtained enables one to determine the optimal treatment for more spreadable butter.

measuring principle:

High-precision temperature measurement with memory and calculation by microprocessor


measuring range: 0...40°C
resolution: 0,005°C
measuring accuracy: ± 0,05°C
display accuracy: 1 Digit
voltage: 220 volt - 50 cyc
power consumption: 30 W max. excl. thermostat
unit: aluminium panel acc. DIN 41 494, 460 mm wide, 130 mm high, 280 mm deep
weight: 10,5 kg


The whole unit includes on delivery:

  • measuring computer with digital display and thermoprinter incl. crystall-controlled- clock with buffer memory
  • deware flask and temperature sensor (1/5 DIN B)
  • thermostat with cooling unit






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FKMC - Fat-crystallization-


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