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Different production plants and processes involve different problems and approaches. To successfully meet the measuring and control requirements of our customers, WAL must have the knowledge, flexibility, capacity and where necessary the ability to refine equipment and systems to meet very specific requirements. Experience over a number of years in measurement and control engineering, churning efficiency and utilising the very latest technology has lead to our world class equipment. Whether it is simply measuring and controlling a single process parameter to supplying complete plants such as the fully automated culture treatment system with phage protection, each may be adapted to existing designs or new specifications. Even, special requests by our customers can be carried out quickly on-the-spot without fuss.

In the field of environment and waste water technology we are authorized through WHG 19 I, regulated by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). We are also a member of ATV, the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste. An extract of our production programme gives you an idea of our effectiveness and versatility:

Laboratory instruments

  • co-operation with well-known manufacturers, such as
    • laboratory scales by the German company Mettler
    • pH laboratory instruments by the German company Knick
    • portable temperature measuring devices by the German company Testo

cream ripening control unit

  • fully automatic cream ripening process with pH and temperature control
  • automatic system and timing
  • cold-hot-cold sequence
  • CIP-control included

culture treatment plants

  • fully automatic culture treatment
  • control of all relevant parameters, such as ripening time, temperature sensoring, sterile air
  • phage protection included
  • with complete CIP-control
  • optional with every necessary armature for sterile air

pasteurizer control units according MVO (German milk ordinance)

  • type tested by the Federal Institute for Dairy Farming Kiel
  • measurement and controlling of all temperature and pressure values
  • start and cleaning control system
  • one data chart
  • available as add-on-kit

metering units

  • water, culture and salt metering for fat crystallisation processes
  • chemical feeding for water treatment
  • FeCl3-addition for phosphate precipitation

fat crystallisation measuring computer

  • measuring and recording of the melting and solidification temperature of milk fat
  • output of the solidification and melting maximum and their end values
  • thermostat with cooling unit
  • optional with day/night automatic system

ultra filtration

  • continuous treatment of sample flow
  • switching between two ultra filtration modules
  • cleaning included
  • suitable for fully automatic operation
  • with sample defect alarm

process visualisation systems

  • ossible to run with Microsoft Windows ®
  • communication with all current plc systems
  • possible data exchange with other programmes
  • monitoring and operating the production process from one work station
  • applicable for all plants, available as add-on-kit

bottling plants

  • with flowmeters possible to be calibrated
  • recorded data available as delivery note
  • for different liquid or viscous mediums
  • available as portable plant



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