Measuring systems for monitoring of water quality delivered

The Technical University of Dresden receives 5 measuring systems for the continuous field measurement in the effluent or river. Two of the devices including laboratory workplace with lighting and heating are mounted in van body trailers. Three arrangements are carried out as a stationary unit. The electrical power supply of all arrangements takes place by means of a solar collector, which delivers the generated electric energy to a battery kit. One arrangement is equipped, in addition, with a wind turbine for electric power production. Therefore a self-sufficient operation is ensured in the nature.

The operation of the arrangement takes place comfortably through a Touch-PC (iPad). The Touch-PC is connected by means of WLAN technology to the arrangement, so that it can be operated by one person. The data transfer of the measuring values to the server takes place wireless (UMTS) via a VPN tunnel. Therefore the obtained data can be continuously evaluated, without staff must be on site.

For the water analysis probes are used for the measurement of the content of ammonium, nitrate, conductivity, oxygen, pH and flow velocity. Further parameters, as for example COD, solid content and NOx are provided by means of special UV VIS probes which, work with extinction measurement.

WAL supplies the units turn-key, i.e. completely constructed and mounted, ready for immediate use.


December 2011


Modernization of butter-making plants

Currently we are working on two orders for the modernization of butter-making plants for customers in Southern Germany and Northern Ireland. Thereby butter churns are reconditioned by us and amongst others equipped with new drive and control technology. AC motors in combination with frequency inverters and advanced technology ensure an economic production. The proven process measuring and control technology BUMACON of WAL is used.


November 2011


Expansion of the packing line at Emmi

In 2010 of WAL delivered butter packing line BULKPACK is extended to include a second filling head. For the future a packaging capacity of 8,000 kg in 25 kg cartons per hour will be available. The modular construction of the plant allows an easy and quick integration of the filling module with a capacity of 4,000 kg per hour into the existing system.


November 2011


Milchwerke Schwaben with new inline moisture measurement for butter

Match with the new churn, Milchwerke Schwaben eG chose for an inline moisture measurement H2OMCON of WAL. Expertises in measurement technology, coupled with the appropriate expertise in the buttertechnology have affected the decision positively for WAL.


September 2011


Packaging machine now also for filling of semi-liquid and liquid media into 25kg-container available


The already in the year 2003 introduced packaging machine BULKPACK was supplemented currently with a new series, whereby semi-liquid and liquid media (e.g. margarine, butter oil or fresh cheese) can be filled now. Of course also different materials besides foodstuffs, such as chemicals, colors and oils can be filled. The machine is adapted accordingly for the individual application.

The packaging machine BULKPACK for the butter filling, established in the market, is basically characterised by high performance, exemplary hygiene characteristics (only machine with USDA approval), simple and intuitive operation and by constructional procedures to the industrial safety.

With the new type of machine on basis of BULKPACK a new system has been designed, which is characterised by a high dosing accuracy at a coincidental maximum filling speed. The gravimetric filling takes place with a standard deviation at only +/- five gram. This precision became possible by the employment of special filling heads in interaction with an efficient process and automatic control technique.

All common weight gradations between 5 and 10 kg or between 10 and 25 kg are feasible. The liquid filling takes place according to the system „Bag in box “. Also filling of buckets, cans and similar container is possible with the new machine. Internal logistics is realized by linear movements according to the straight forward principle.

The capacity of the machine amounts to up to 4.000 kilograms per hour and per filling module. The modular construction allows the parallel operation of up to 5 stations. Thus the capacity can be increased easily up to 20.000 kilograms per hour. The cleaning of the filling modules takes place in the CIP procedure fully automatic. All parts coming in contact with product are of stainless steel, food grade plastic material or responding to the application suitable material.


May 2011


Process technology from Oldenburg for Northern Ireland


Dairy co-operative Ballyrashane, located in the county of Londonderry, locks the installation and start-up of a new cream fuel depot in these days. In the new plant temperature treatment (e.g. cold-warm-cold) of butter cream is carried out to increase the spreadability of butter later on. The plant consists essentially of several cream tanks (volume 100 m ³), including the corresponding valve cluster, a special plate-type heat exchanger, as well as all necessary valves and accessories, measuring instruments and control engineering.

With this project Ballyrashane uses the know-how and the experiences of many years of WAL. The responsibility of WAL covers engineering, supply of machinery, valves and industrial process measurement and control engineering, supervision during installation and finally start-up.


March 2011


Order from Emmi


WAL Mess- und Regelsysteme GmbH  wins the bidding of Mittelland Molkerei AG in Suhr for a complete butter packing concept. The packing concept BULKPACK consists of a carton erector, filling module and a case sealer. The capacity of the plant amounts to 4,000 kg in 25 kg of cartons per hour.


The Mittelland Molkerei AG is an enterprise of the Emmi group, leading Swiss vendor for dairy, fresh and cheese products and one of the prominent supplier for butter. In the financial year 2008 Emmi obtained a net turnover of CHF 2.7 billion and employed in Switzerland and abroad approximately 3,500 coworkers (on full time base).


January 2010



Our new website is right away on-line


Since December 2009 the Relaunch of our Internet presence is right away on-line and useable for you.


All services offers, service features and company information are, as supplied before, available in German and English language.


We wish you an entertaining and informative stay.


December 2009


Packaging plant for butter sold to Dean Foods (USA)

Few days ago a complete fully automatic packaging plant for bulk butter (25kg) left the work shop in Oldenburg toward the USA.


The line (BULKPACK) consists of one carton erector, 2 filling units and a case sealer. Of course the plant fulfills all requirements of the USDA (American State Department of Agriculture).


Dean Foods is one of the largest food producers in the USA with more than 100 works in the entire country.


December 2009

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